Sports Olympiad 2023: Ball sports superstars

The fourth competition day of the Sports Olympiad of German Schools in Southern Africa saw the start of the final events: the ball sports, namely Basketball, Volleyball, Football and Handball. Upon visiting each of these events, one would immediately notice the astonishing presence of the athletes in the blue and white uniforms, the DHPS team. Each venue was teeming with Namibian spirit, screams and cheers roaring through the air.

The DHPS athletes showed their incredible talents on the courts, in addition to performing exceedingly well in the swimming pool and on the athletics field. A trip to the soccer field would immediately reveal the intricate tactics that the Namibian players were utilizing, it was clear that these players were dominating the field. Moving onto the basketball court, one would see a similar display. DHPS players never failed to get the crowd roaring with their crazy shots, whether they were defending against the impossible or scoring from an unbelievable distance.
The girls of the Namibian team were giving a fantastic performance on the volleyball field. Something very noteworthy was the incredible team spirit and fairness displayed by the DHPS girls, who cheered at every pivotal moment, even when it was the other team that scored. The handball girls also showed an intelligent display of tactics, resulting in the domination of the other teams.

The results of the DHPS team on the fourth day were stellar, with all the teams across the four sports placing highly in the rankings if not on top. With these high rankings and the equally high rankings in the previous events, some are beginning to believe that Namibia may be taking the trophy this year.

We keep our fingers crossed, once again and are eagerly waiting for the award ceremony of the Sports Olympiad 2023 on the evening of 16th March 2023.


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