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Welcome at the DHPS Child & Youth Centre

The DHPS Children & Youth Centre offers our learners, whose parents are working, ultimate afternoon care. The Child Centre is open for Grade 1-4 learners, while the Youth Centre accommodates grades 5-10.

In addition to a warm lunch and homework assistance in small groups by educational professionals, many age-appropriate activities are offered such as:
  • sports- and exercise programs
  • musical and creative offers
  • fun, games and relaxing

Social and personal competencies of the learners are promoted by the multicultural character of the Child & Youth center and by specific joint activities in small groups, group games or individual class test preparations.

German language support for children with a foreign mother tongue is actively introduced by the immersion method. This means, the children immerse themselves in the German language and consistently use it every day in the center alongside the first language.

Who are we:

A lively team of educational professionals with different emphases and training is available throughout for the children at the Child & Youth center.

Highlights and special features:

Even during holidays, the Child & Youth center is open all day and exciting holiday programs are offered.

See here:

Quote by our staff:

“What motivates me is the colourful diversity of the children and the exciting age group. The different cultural backgrounds of the children and families is an interesting challenge every day. The relatively large age range of the children also offers versatility in program design and in our daily work.”
(Employee, Child & Youth Centre)

Quote by afternoon care learners:

"I like that I can concentrate during homework time and that we can play outside and find many branches." - Paul, Grade 2

"I like the swimming best, when I am at the Child & Youth Centre." - Leon, Grade 1

Activities at Child & Youth Centre

By means of expert afternoon care we respond to the current social development and provide educational and varied activities to children, whose parents are working.

A typical day at the Child & Youth Centre

11h00 Child & Youth Centre opens its doors
11h30 Children of Grade 1 and 2 are fetched from school.
A relaxation phase follows: The children can relax their minds with whatever comes to their mind, such as playing with their friends, reading a book, playing soccer on the lawn, etc. Just let some steem off or take a break.
12h30 All have lunch in the dining hall together, fresh fruit is always offered for dessert.
13h30 Time at leisure: Time to rest, read, play
14h00 Homework time: Time and silence to finish all homework, practice reading, learn vocabulary, understand Maths. Educators assist with preparation for class tests wherever they can. Depending on the homework group, up to (max.) 10 children are supervised by the respective educator.
15h30 Extra time and assistance for homework and studies - if there was a lot of homework or if an important test is scheduled.
16h00 Fruit snack break, The children play board games or engage in sports, games and equipment are provided.
Every day we offer special leisure activities:
  • Monday: singing and playing music
  • Tuesday: crafts &swimming
  • Wednesday: baking
  • Thursday: swimming
  • Friday: sports & games in the gym
17h00 Cleaning up and pick up time
17h30 Child & Youth Centre closes

The highlight: Even during the holidays the is open from 7h00-17h00 and exciting holiday programs are offered with excursions and special activities - from visits to nearby nature parks, to attractions in and around Windhoek, Namibian radio stations or a retirement home.

Information: Child & Youth Centre

You would like to find out know about the DHPS Child & Youth Centre?

We will gladly assist you with questions or a site inspection, or with an introductory session.

Please do not hesitate to contact us - we look forward to meet you!
Your contact person(s)
Lars Pickhardt

Lars Pickhardt

DHPS Kinder- & Jugendzentrum DHPS Child & Youth Centre

Tel: +264(0)61373108 / +261(0)812160599

Due to the school closure and to prevent the spread of the corona pandemic, our DHPS Child & Youth Centre offers great distance activities, games, ideas and competitions too.

Here we will provide you with material, information and many more:

  • All leisure ideas are available on our Dropbox.
  • In addition, the staff of the CYC has left you a short video message this time (21 April 2020).

Don't forget our (Home-) Work Assistance Helpline!
Our CYC Educators and staff are there for you, look forward to assist you with your homework and tasks - even from afar!

Your contact person(s)
Lars Pickhardt

Lars Pickhardt

DHPS Kinder- & Jugendzentrum DHPS Child & Youth Centre

Tel: +264(0)61373108 / +261(0)812160599

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