Two routes - one destination: The school leaving certificates offered at the DHPS

Whether our learners choose the German International Abitur,
a bilingual German and English high school diploma,
or the Cambridge Certificate, the English high school diploma,
- our learners have the whole world to their feet.

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German International Abitur (DIA)

By inspiring inquisitive, open-minded and independent thinkers with a sound, internationally oriented and comprehensive curriculum in languages, sciences, mathematics and the arts, the German International Abitur opens the doors to the best colleges and universities worldwide and unveils a wealth of opportunities for its graduates.

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Education “Made in Germany”

Unique features

The holistic approach of the DIA and the bilingual character of this German school-leaving certificate optimally prepare our learners for international studies or vocational training.
Here, too, the focus is on the individual support of each learner. The professional staff of the DHPS Diagnostic and Support Centre accompany the learners and assist and guide them in their individual support needs.
Our learners are support inside as well as outside the classroom with extracurricular activities.
Local and seconded teachers from Germany teach according to regularly reviewed quality frameworks.


A wide range of subjects in the natural sciences, languages, mathematics, social studies and the arts, and learning content at a high academic level, qualifies our learners for international educational opportunities.
The DIA is recognised in Germany and worldwide and offers unrestricted access to study and training programmes.

The Network of German Schools Abroad

Through frequent exchanges with German schools in southern Africa, regular regional teacher training and the creation of a regional Abitur examination, our Abitur learners have access to lessons and examinations based on the latest pedagogical methods and current affairs.

What is the German International Abitur?

Study and course content

The world-leading, interdisciplinary DIA curriculum provides learners with an excellent academic foundation in languages, sciences (biology, chemistry & physics), mathematics, social sciences (history, geography, social studies, religion/ethics), as well as sports and the arts (fine arts & music).
This unique school programme promotes academic achievement, conveys various methods of learning, teaches our learners critical thinking and helps them develop into independent individuals.

The Abitur examinations:

3 written examinations:
  • 1. German
  • 2. English or mathematics
  • 3. English or mathematics or history or one of the natural sciences
(written subjects from 2 subject blocks)

2 oral examinations from the subjects not chosen for written examinations
(including one presentation examination, i.e. a subject-specific presentation of a topic compiled by the learners)

The marks of the 4 semesters of grades 11-12 are included in the overall Abitur mark and reflect the realistic performance in the respective subject.

International springboard

Our learners in the bilingual DIA programme become multi-cultural and socially responsible global citizens. The learning, networking and reflective thinking skills acquired in DIA are unique in school education.

Career Springboard DIA

DHPS study and career guidance

With the school-leaving qualifications obtained at DHPS, the world is open to our graduates.
The DHPS study and career counselling prepares learners for an apprenticeship, a course of study or a profession locally or abroad and offers advice and support to the school graduates and their parents.
Fixed counselling appointments from grade 10, career fairs and cooperation with study and training partners in Germany and South Africa ensure DHPS learners the best possible preparation for their future and career planning.

Abitur graduates worldwide

Meet our alumni...

Cambridge Certificate

Language of instruction: English

Students take a minimum of 4 subject provided a minimum
of a 'C' is achieved in the IGCSE examination
Grade 10 & 11
Grade 12
(AS Level)
German English
English German
Literature in English
Physical Education Physical Education
Subjects (3)
Afrikaans/ French Mathematics
Physics Physics
Chemistry Chemistry
Biology Biology
Accounting Accounting
Business Studies Computer Science
Computer Science Afrikaans
History French


Your contact person(s)
Xenia Pieterse

Xenia Pieterse

Cambridge - Koordinatorin / Coordinator

Tel: +264 (0)61 373 133

Info for Private Candidates

Please find here information for external private candidates:

Applications for November exams are closed.


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