Kindergarten & Pre-School

Welcome at the DHPS kindergarten & pre-school

“Children are strong, diversely gifted and powerful. All children have the willingness, ability, curiosity and interest to organise their learning process and to deal with everything they face in their environment.” (Loris Malaguzzi)

It is our task at the DHPS Kindergarten & Pre-school to meet the individual needs of every child and to offer our little ones a stimulating environment in which they can gain experiences and try things out.

We are part of the entire DHPS school system and therefore holistically prepare your children for grade 1.

DHPS kindergarten and pre-school, and teaching the German language and culture is open to babies, toddlers and children of all languages and nationalities from the age of 3 months.

Information on the DHPS kindergarten and Pre-school sections

We will gladly assist you with questions or on a site inspection or with an introductory session.

Please do not hesitate to contact us - we look forward to meet you.

Your contact person(s)
Nils  Osewold

Nils Osewold

Leitung Kindergarten & Vorschule - HoD Kindergarten & Pre-school

Tel: 061-373 106

Kathrin Murangi

Kathrin Murangi

Stv. Leitung Kindergarten & Vorschule - Vice Head of Kindergarten & Pre-school

Tel: 061-373 103

Language is the key: it allows us to enter the world, get in contact with other people and acquire knowledge. Language competence has a considerable influence on the future stages of life, which is why languages are a central theme of our kindergarten.

As professional educators, we create a stimulating, child-friendly and creative learning environment in which children can freely choose their activities and materials. We give the children room to experiment and support their urge to discover.

The appreciation of different languages and cultures is a basis of our pedagogical work and thus a matter of course in the daily routine of the kindergarten. We see diversity as an enrichment and an opportunity. Intercultural openness for us means: “Different roots - common future”.

  • Modern equipment & material, e.g. theme trays
  • Qualified staff, Regular trainings, Certified First-Aiders
  • High safety standards, Spacious outside areas
  • Intensive organisation of transitions, Visits at the library
  • Meals included, Half & full day options, Holiday programmes
  • Cooperation with other kindergartens & pre-schools
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