Gr. 5 & 6 Swimming Competitions

The swimming festival of grades 5 & 6 on 14 April 2022 was a complete success: fun, team spirit and sportsmanship were at the foreground at and in the DHPS swimming pool.

From 7h30 to 10h00, the grade 5s alternately swam a relay and then an individual discipline. In the relays, each learner was expected to swim at least once. Participation in the individual events was voluntary. Class 5a was the most successful class in the relays, winning 3 out of 5, followed by class 5b, who won the other two relays.

In grade 6, class 6a won 4 relays and 6d one relay.

There were excellent results with personal best times in both the relays and the individual competitions.


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