Environmental Protection in Everyday School Life

Fridays for Future, YouThinkGreen, Students for Climate Protection - buzzwords that are on everyone's lips today.
But who is really actively committed to environmental protection, who is drastically reducing waste and their own carbon footprint, or is implementing the "zero waste" strategy in everyday life?

The Model United Nations group at the DHPS takes these topics very seriously and has implemented measures at its school in recent months.
In addition to participating in the "Fridays for Future” strike for climate protection, the young people are primarily concerned with the growing awareness of environmentally conscious living. In this context, DHPS learners have already visited the radio station "NBC Funkhaus Namibia”- and adhere to aggressive waste reduction at their school.

Together with the administration department and the school café, much has already been achieved:
Sandwiches and wraps are sold in sustainable paperboard kraft packages with plant-based PLA window, smoothie cups and take away-packages are biodegradable and compostable, while plastic bags are banned from the school kiosk and the school clothing shop. Furthermore, learners can bring their own reusable mugs for coffee-to-go and receive a discount.

In the long term, DHPS is trying to drastically reduce all packaging materials - be it the recyclable container for hot lunches or the introduction of environmentally friendly merchandising items - and to effect a mind shift in learners, staff, parents and visitors to set an example for a sustainable environmental practices.


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