DHPS learners excel at the Namibian National Swimming Competitions

After the Namibian National Short Course Swimming Championships had to be cancelled last year due to the Corona pandemic, they were held again in Swakopmund from 23-26 September 2021.

The "Ice Cube" 25m swimming pool with its 10 lanes is the ideal venue for a swimming gala of this size. About 150 swimmers from 7 different swimming clubs from Windhoek, Swakopmund and Oranjemund took part.
Among them were 20 DHPS learners from grades 2 to 12.

Especially the DHPS girls were very successful at the swimming championships.
In the 11-12 age group, DHPS learner Alexandra Kapapa won medals in almost all her swimming disciplines.
In the 15-16 age group, mostly DHPS learners Maya Stange, Trisha Mutumbulua and Lisa Engelhard took turns in the medal positions.

In the oldest age group O17, DHPS learners Nicole Redecker, Tiana Esslinger and Zunaid Benjamin took the gold, silver and bronze medals respectively. On top, Tiana Esslinger broke the Namibian age group record in 200m backstroke with a time of 2:24.78 minutes.

The "Senior Victrix Ludorum" trophy and 2nd and 3rd place (for the total of the highest FINA points in six events) went to DHPS learners, with Tiana Esslinger in 1st place, Trisha Mutumbulua in 2nd place and Nicole Redecker in 3rd place.

In the boys' event, Nico Esslinger received several medals in both his 15-16 age group and the open age group, including 3rd place in 1500m freestyle with 570 FINA points. In 1st place in this event was well-known Namibian swimmer Philipp Seidler, who competed at the Tokyo Olympics in August and finished 16th in the 10km open water swim. The swimmers were proud to have the top swimmer in their midst and he had to stand by for some selfies.

In the 13-14 age group, DHPS learner Robin Engelhard managed to get medals in all his swimming events.
We are especially pleased with junior swimmers and DHPS learners Dylan and Joshua Cowley who were among the top finishers in the 7-8 age group.

All other DHPS swimmers, some of whom were among the younger ones in their age group, also improved their personal best times, congratulations to Daniel Lasso-Drews, Kaylynn Klein, Naan Jiao, Sandra Schnebel, Silke Schnebel, Timothy Kapapa, Victor Engelhard, Marichen Wilson and Vovo Dong.

The DHPS swimmers thoroughly enjoyed participating in the event, which was s superbly organised by the Namibia Swimming Federation, and we share the excitement in the success they achieved.


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