DHPS Judoka - 3 Gold medals during the South Africa Open Judo Championships

For the sixth time in a row, the judo team of the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) again participated in the “South African Open Championships” this year. The annual prestige tournament was held from 30 June to 5 July in Vanderbijlpark/South Africa. About 1500 judokas from the different provinc-es in South Africa, as well as from Angola, Congo, Zimbabwe and Namibia arrived to compete in Katas (ju-do demonstration form), competitions and team events.

The DHPS presented an 18-man team that had been preparing for the tournament since February. Experi-enced judoka and newcomers joined in to experience this special event.

For the second time, the DHPS also set up kata teams. The presentation of the Nage-no and Katame-no-Kata are among the most training intensive preparations It is the freestyle of judo! Even the smallest mis-take is penalised and can cost the medal. Fhulufhelo Ramphaga and Jacob von Holly gave the Katame-no- Kata a first try, while Ricardo von Flotow and Konstantin Schindler competed in Nage-no-Kata for the sec-ond time. Both teams were a bit unfortunate and could not secure any medals. Also the coaches, Sylvia Konzman and Stompie Matthyser (IJF coach for Namibia School's Judo) just messed the gold medal in Katame-no-Kata.

Lorenz Denk managed to fight his way back to the top after 6 encounters and won the final with a drop Seoinage. An amazing performance in a completely filled fighting category.

Our newcomer girls Amelie Dürrschmidt and Jana Mutscher were motivated and demonstrated their skills on the mat which they had acquired in training. They won gold and silver for the team!

The DHPS judo team proudly brought home 7 medals. The winners are:
  • Sensei Sylvia Konzmann = Gold (Masters), Silver (Katame-no-Kata)
  • Sensei Stompie Matthyser = Silver (Masters), Silver (Katame-no-Kata)
  • Lorenz Denk = Gold (13 / 14 years)
  • Jana Mutschler= Gold (10 years)
  • Amelie Dürrschmidt = Silver (11 years)

(Report: Sylvia Konzmann)
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