DHPS Corona Fund: Solidarity builds strength

The corona pandemic poses unprecedented challenges for Namibia, especially in economic terms. This is true for the nationwide population as well as for the school community of the DHPS.
Therefore, already at the beginning of the crisis in Namibia, the DHPS decided to introduce a "Corona Fund" for all departments and class levels in addition to general school fee reductions.
Parents, staff, teachers and volunteers can either use the discount granted to them or make a donation to the "Corona Fund" to provide additional financial support to particularly needy families of the DHPS school community or families severely affected by the crisis.

"Like many of us, I am very touched by the difficult situations in which many families find themselves at our school," says Sylvia Schlettwein, Chairlady of the DHPS Teachers' Representative Committee. “The thought that I can ease a family's worries about school fees a bit, makes me feel a little less helpless. Solidarity makes us strong, that's the way it is.”

Mutual trust, cooperation and cohesion are more important than ever in these difficult times. The DHPS would therefore like the friends, parents and supporters, members of the staff, school management and school board, who were prepared to support the DHPS Corona fund financially - whether by waiving discounts or part of their salary, or by voluntary contributions.

This is a very special initiative, and we are proud to be part of such a great school community.

Would you also like to support the DHPS Corona Fund?

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