DHPS Careers Day: Impulses for the Future

320 learners of the DHPS had the opportunity to gain insights into their possible future careers on 10 and 11 March 2021.
During the DHPS Careers Day, experts and professionals from dentistry, nuclear physics, audiology, human resources, graphic design, gastronomy, marketing, occupational therapy, software development, special education, law as well as representatives of the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) addressed interested grade 9-12 learners and shared ideas for their choice of studies and careers.

The DHPS Careers Day is part of the school's study and career guidance. In addition to individual counselling sessions for learners who consider studying in Southern Africa or in Europe (especially Germany) and the two-week job shadowing for grade 9 learners, the Careers Day forms an integral part of the school's career guidance and counselling programme.

“It is important to not merely convey subject contents to our learners but that we also prepare them for their future by exposing them to different fields of careers”, says Thea Groenewald, DHPS teacher and Career Guidance Counsellor for Namibia and South Africa. “We have decided to offer Career Days on a more regular basis in order to provide our learners with well-founded information. It is a good way to build a relationship with the corporate world to create opportunities for our learners as well as a spirit of mutual cooperation.”

Some of the experts really made an impression on the learners – or like an SRC member put it: „Sir, I do not know yet, what I want to do but I definitely want to be as passionate about my career as you are.”


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