Crafts & Experiments: Child & Youth Centre holiday programme

Not only the crafts and experiments in the holiday programme of the DHPS Children & Youth Centre were colourful, but also the diverse workshops and experiments in which the children could try out and gain experience. Whether making paper, jewellery, sewing teddy bears or building birdhouses, the young craftsmen got a varied insight into the creative arts and crafts. The focus was not only on the results, but also on the techniques and insights, what the final products are actually made of.

The experiments were not only amazing and cool, but also actually worked. Each experiment was performed with great anticipation to see if it would actually be successful. Everyone was thrilled when they saw wood deforming, electricity being generated from Coca Cola, the "ultimate wow" or exciting experiments with colours. With the help of an egg, the interested researchers could grasp the breathing technique of an earthworm or use simple cooking ingredients to trick physics.

Without going into further details - one thing is for sure: everyone is still excited when they look back on the great results. We are really looking forward to the next time.


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