Cambridge holiday school @ DHPS

DHPS Cambridge Educators decided to use the first week of their August holidays to help grade 11 and 12 Cambridge learners under the leadership of the DHPS Cambridge Coordinator, Ms Xenia Pieterse, as they felt that there was a very big need to cover the syllabus. All the educators teaching those grades unanimously agreed to help the learners in their respective subjects. The learners were very happy to be given such an opportunity and came in their huge numbers to attend the lessons. They managed to cover content very well even though they felt that educators needed more time to thoroughly cover some concepts but however they were happy to be given the opportunity.
Educators were also happy to have covered some content of the syllabus and hopefully learners gained a lot and will get some time to revise.
A big thank you goes to the Cambridge Educators for the effort and sacrifice which they put forward in order to help our learners. To the learners we say continue working hard till you attain your goals.
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