A Sundial as Grade 12 Monument

"The sun appears to be leaning, or rising from the other direction;
because each of us sees things in his own perception."

Last year, an idea in physics class of grade 12 at the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) quickly developed into a precise project: After several calculations, plans and puzzling, a sundial specially designed by DHPS and NSSC graduates and their teachers was finally commissioned, which now adorns the school grounds of the DHPS.
However, the construction of this equatorial sundial was by no means easy. Since the Namibian latitudes have a very steep sun elevation, no other sundials - such as vertical, wall-mounted alternatives or horizontal, ground-mounted sundials - were possible.

The ceremonial inauguration of the alumni monument with all participants and supporters should have taken place at the end of March, but was cancelled for the time being due to school closure and the lock-down to combat the corona pandemic.
"Of course we were disappointed that we were not able to officially inaugurate the sundial, but we are very happy that it is now up and "working", says Florian Fechter, who graduated from the DHPS in 2019 with the German International Abitur. "We chose the slogan [see above] because it compares the course of the sun with the diversity of our class - there were many different characters and talents with again different views and opinions among the school leavers in 2019 and finally also a wide range of future plans - let's see what becomes of it for everyone," says Fechter. "The sundial should definitely be a sign of recognition and a thank you to our school and the entire school community for everything they have given us along the way.”

In the long term, of course, it will again be an enrichment for the school community and especially for learners and teachers of the geography and physics courses, who will certainly be dealing frequently with the art monument in the future.
The 2019 graduates would like to express their special thanks to the school management, the janitorial department, the grade 12 ball committee, the physics teacher Mr Temmen, the class teachers and of course Mr Redecker from Nirosta for his commitment and tireless work on this challenging project.


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