A New Approach to Politics: Political Cabaret

On 26 February 2020, a former member of the German Bundestag and a project manager of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation staged a spectacular political event at the Goethe Institute in Windhoek. Manfred Richter and Michael Roick, both engaged for freedom at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, inspired an audience of about 50 visitors - among them, some teachers and grade 12 learners of the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS).

After a brief welcome, the two cabaret artists exposed all the weaknesses and contradictions of both German and world politics in a somewhat exaggerated but humorous way: they called deceased politicians back to life to answer unanswered questions, held unproductive telephone conversations with God and even invited the devil to reveal that he, too, was active in politics and borrowed his tongue to the US president from time to time. The cabaret artists accentuated their numerous acts with songs, and the audience joined in at the end, despite the slightly questionable content. After a few words of thanks, the evening ended with a cold drink and a hot bratwurst.

It was particularly fascinating for the learners to experience politics in a different, less dry way, and their excitement continued well beyond the evening: The Grade 12 learners repeated the song "Wir unterkellern Schleswig-Holstein” [We build cellars underneath Schleswig-Holstein], which the audience had sung along in the evening, for their fellow-learners in the social studies class. They explained that although the message of the song is less democratic, it is a good example of political propaganda.

Article: Lisa Machleidt, Gr.12 learner & DHPresS journalist

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