Sports Olympiad 2020: DHPS team geared for Johannesburg

The training and preparations started weeks ago and the excitement of the athletes and their teachers is growing steadi-ly: 50 learners of the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) are ready for the Sports Olympiad of German schools abroad in Southern Africa, which will take place from 21 - 26 March 2020 at the German school in Johannesburg (Deutsche Schule Johannesburg, DSJ).
In addition to Windhoek, Pretoria, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Hermannsburg, the German schools of Accra (Ghana) and Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) will also participate with their sports delegations.

The DHPS learners - the school's best and most versatile athletes - and their coaches have been preparing intensively for this highlight of each participating learner's sports career since the end of last year.
Tough training sessions lie behind them: Weekly soccer and handball training were on the programme for the younger ones, while the elder learners had basketball and volleyball. Almost all athletes also had strenuous athletics and swim-ming lessons.

Now the learners and sports teachers are looking forward to finally getting started and putting their skills to the test. Besides the competitive setting and the goal of defending the first place in the swimming competition of the last Olympi-ad in Windhoek in 2018, or even take the ball sports and athletics cups, this event among the German schools focuses on encounter. Fostering new and old friendships, experiencing moving and cross-team moments and being part of a spirit that goes right under your skin - these experiences of the sports Olympiad in 2018 in Windhoek are still alive and boost the anticipation.

We wish all participants a safe journey and great success, keep our fingers crossed for the athletes that they reach their goals, surpass themselves and experience a fantastic week at the German school Johannesburg.

Our athletes are:

Michael Baumann, Robin Beggs, Zunaid Benjamin, Maximilian Böck, Maike Dedig, Roland Dishena, Robin Engelhard, Carissa Esslinger, Nico Esslinger, Tiana Esslinger, Ronja Fechter, Lars Fischer, Tuli Haifidi, Julian Horenburg, Kaylynn Klein, Desiree Kollmitz, Max Krafft, Saskia Krüger, Daniel Lasso Drews, Lucia Lasso Drews, Ashley Linda, Ziang Liu, Romy Lück, Beatrice Maasdorp, Elias Nakaleke, Damian Nashixwa, Phillip Nashixwa, Faith Nyambe, Mika Pilzer, Nicole Redecker, Silke Redecker, Marlon Reinhardt, Oskar Roeber, Aila Rückleben, Sebastian Schubert, Tunomwaameni Shatipamba, Pendapala Shikwambi, Maya Stange, Michelle Starke, Nicole Stubenrauch, Jada Tati, Annica Theissen, Dominic Theissen, Operi Tjingaete, Andre Utz, Ridley van Wyk, Enrik von Alvensleben, Marichen Wilson

The following DHPS teachers will accompany the team:
DHPS Principal Kristin Eichholz, teachers Bernadus Hipangua, Stefan Horn, Melusi Linda, Claudia Schlettwein, Annette Starke, Frauke Stubenrauch and Thomas Wegener


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