Social Commitment despite Social Distancing

DHPS Interact Club and Soup Kitchens support Families in Need

How can you become socially involved in times of a corona pandemic when physical distance is required? How can social projects and soup kitchens be continued when public gatherings are currently prohibited? Is there actually a way?

The Interact Club of the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS), a working group of the school focusing on the promotion of social engagement, has been discussing this over the last weeks. Usually learners, teachers and parents visit Windhoek's informal settlements at least once a month to support soup kitchens in Havana and Ombili, cook for over 200 children and their families and spend the day together with them. Due to the lockdown, this was no longer possible.

Together with the responsible persons Samuel Kapepo (Kids Soup Kitchen, Ombili) and Frieda Kemuiko (Havana Soup Kitchen) a solution was quickly found: supplying needy families with food parcels seemed to be a viable solution.

And so, on Easter Saturday, April 11, 2020, for the first time, families selected by the organisations were directly supplied with food donations. The content and the most essential food was determined in advance and maize meal, oil and canned fish worth N$ 6500 were packed by the responsible and voluntary DHPS teachers, school management and their families into 50 parcels, which were certainly a very special Easter greeting for their new owners.

The atmosphere was very loving, grateful and friendly, although the physical distance had to be kept. The campaign will be repeated next weekend. Donations for the "Soup Kitchen to go" are of course welcome and essential for the success of such an important project.


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