Book Week at Primary School

On Monday morning, 10 July 2023, the learners of grades 1 to 4 entered the auditorium with their eyes shining in surprise. The stage resembled a colourful beach panorama - decorated with the creative handicrafts of the learners: shimmering sea creatures, climbing water plants, palm trees and all kinds of beach paraphernalia ... and in the middle a treasure chest! Locked, of course! I wonder what’s inside? How can it be opened?

These were the questions that were asked again and again throughout the book week. Inspired by a funny play by the teachers about the treasure chest and letters from the mysterious bookworm with quiz instructions that could lead to picking the lock, the classes enthusiastically set to work over the course of the week to solve the clues. In addition, there was a lot of reading and creative work on books, book presentations and the school's internal reading competition.

Only at the end of the week, when all classes of the primary section had solved their riddles and the solutions were collected in the auditorium on Friday, 14 July 2023, could they jointly crack the lock code and unveil the treasure together. The learners were kept were kept on tenterhooks until the very end: Four times the lock clicked, and then it finally snapped open. Luckily, the children had solved the riddle!
A book came out - and a very special one at that: “Auf und Davon” by Namibian author Dörte Witte. And as luck would have it, she was even present at the reading competition and the opening of the treasure chest in the auditorium. With music, beautiful words and pictures and instrumental support from her daughter Almut Riedel and many children, she presented her book to the learners and took them on the magical journey of a musical note along the coast of Swakopmund.

(Report: Melanie Graf, DHPS)


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