Holiday Programme at the Child & Youth Centre: Focus on Friendship

Everything revolved around the topic of friendship during the holiday programme of the DHPS Child & Youth Centre from 23 - 26 March 2021. Why are we friends? What do friends experience together? How do friends behave?

Friendships do not only exist between children and adults, but also between countries and nations. The German Ambassador in Namibia, Mr Beck, provided detailed insights on this: During our visit to the Goethe Institute Windhoek, he explained that different countries also support and help each other, maintain good relations and work for peace. For our learners, this can mean, for example, studying in a friendly country or making friends with children of the same age on another continent. Finally, he told us a little about his personal friendships.

During the week, the "Da Vinci Bridge” became the symbol of friendship: It is self-supporting, without screws and nails. Friendships are like bridges between people. For children, it is important to have friends with whom they can play and not to be alone. Occasional quarrels are also part of it. In any case, the greatest connection to someone is through the bridge of friendship.

On the last day of the holiday programme, everything was upside down: “Yes” was “no” and “no” was “yes”. Clothes were turned inside out and we all ate on or under the tables for a change, we had burgers with fries for breakfast and read our names backwards ... everyone had great fun on this somewhat different day.


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