Insights into Democracy: Political Celebrity Visits DHPS

Dr Tobias Mörschel, Head of the Brussels Office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, visited the DHPS on 28 February 2024.
In the school's auditorium, where he himself began his schooling, he met with Grade 11 and 12 learners, as well as some Grade 9s.

Dr Mörschel was in Namibia as part of a family holiday and, after a brief introduction about himself and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, he gave the learners the opportunity to discuss the topic of democracy.

Beginning with the memorable words of Friedrich Ebert (the first democratically elected President of the Weimar Republic), "Democracy needs democrats", Dr Mörschel attempted to answer all political questions in detail, be it on the prerequisites for and preservation of democracy, populism, lobbyism, the Russia/Ukraine war, the role of the media, the Middle East conflict, growing anti-Semitism in Germany, the shift to the right in European politics, the danger of fragmentation in the party landscape and much more.

He was visibly impressed by the learners' very complex and well-prepared questions and said that he had greatly enjoyed the meeting.

(Article: DHPS Teacher Daniela Prinz)


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