Holiday programme in Kindergarten

Many enchanting songs could be heard in every house during the last holiday programme at the kindergarten of the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) - all in line with the topic of hygiene. Therefore, personal hygiene as well as keeping the group rooms neat and tidy played important roles.
The children and teachers also dealt with the subject of proper hand washing. They learned new songs and stories, which was especially impressive for the younger kids.
Dental hygiene was also addressed with the help of new tooth-brushing songs, brushing techniques and routines. What is actually healthy and what is unhealthy for our teeth and our body the kids wanted to know? ‘A healthy and varied diet’ was the answer! To deepen their knowledge, the kids coloured pictures or played games, ate a healthy breakfast and even baked a healthy pizza.
The kids enthusiastically took part in this different task and had lots of fun. The holiday programme was very successful and who knows - maybe some of the kids enjoy tidying up and brushing teeth even more than before?

(Marie Szeszka, DHPS-Kindergarten)


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