Faster, Higher, Stronger: Holiday Olympics at CYC

Following the spirit of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the Olympics were held in Windhoek, at the DHPS. The participants of the DHPS Winter Olympics at the Child & Youth Centre put their skills to the test in various disciplines in the categories of time, distance and knowledge. Often the younger participants showed more skill and the usually quiet competitors excelled in their detailed knowledge.

The games and disciplines at the CYC Winter Olympics were a reinterpretation of its grand original. For example, light throw, target throw, candle runs, obstacle course, swimming on wheels and straw sorting. And because not only muscles but also brains make the winner, the young athletes also had to feel objects, guess sounds and taste ingredients. The Olympics quiz was another special highlight.

Of course, there were also medals at the closing ceremony - well-deserved fridge magnets for the participants who had given everything in their competitions to be faster, higher and stronger.

Each week was rounded off with a joint lunch that the children prepared with the DHPS kindergarten and preschool. Everyone helped to chop vegetables, roll out dough or grate cheese. Whether it was pizza or pasta - it was great and - on top of that - it was homemade.

(Report: Lars Pickhardt)


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