Farmers of tomorrow: Agricultural workshop and competition for aspiring youth

For the course of one year, Bank Windhoek and Feedmaster offer an agricultural training programme for grade 9-11 learners. Within workshops, the aspiring farmers are equipped with knowledge and skills how to professionally rate cattle on agricultural expos. The workshops kicked off on 11 March 2021 and will mainly focus on the Simbrah and Simmentaler as well as Brahman cattle breeds.

DHPS is proud that the 4 learners, Lorenz Denk, Juri Krafft, Mickah Januarie and Oliver Schubert, are part of this competition, representing not only their agricultural commitment and duties but also their school – and it was worth it already.
“First of all, I learned a lot about the judging of cattle, how to handle them and the skills of being a judge at the cattle shows”, says Mickah Januarie, one of the participating DHPS learners. ”The interactions with the farmers were very interesting and I would recommend future events like these to anybody.”

(DHPresS Editorial Team)

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