DHPS Expo 2024: DHPS provides a look behind the scenes

From kindergarten to the DHPS support center, to open orchestra rehearsals, insights into the subject departments and judo practice – the Open Day of the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek gave visitors, parents and interested parties a detailed look behind the scenes of Namibia's only German School Abroad. And the offer was widely used at this year´s DHPS Expo on March 9, 2024 on the DHPS school grounds.

In the entrance area of the school, school management and representatives of the admin department answered any open questions and guided the visitors on school tours, further information about the school's offer and unique features was available at the many attractively designed exhibition stands.

In general, it became clear how diverse the DHPS school life is: The departments introduced themselves, such as the DHPS kindergarten from 3 months and the pre-school, afternoon care at the DHPS Child & Youth Center as well as the boarding school. The departments provided information about their subjects and teaching methods – whether in the literature café or by introducing the German language diploma, with “explosive” science experiments, pondering at the math olympiad or with French culinary delicacies. In addition to that, the school tours provided valuable insights into the state-of-the-art science laboratories and classrooms, the sports hall, the library, the DHPS support center and the varied and diverse school life.

What was indeed noticeable was the great commitment of the entire DHPS team: Whether from the LRC, the teachers, educators, the DHPS Alumni Association or the administrative team - the pride in and dedication to their school was sensed and captivated the visitors.

With this in mind: Welcome to the DHPS!

If you still have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you:
info@dhps-windhoek.com / Tel. 061-373 145


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