DHPS Careers Day 2022

This informative annual event took place at the DHPS on 2 June 2022 from 14h00 until 17h00. Due to the currently relaxed Corona regulations, we were able to have face-to-face presentations. All students from grade 9 – 11 had to book two sessions of interest.
Most exciting, mainly for the grade 11 students, were two presentations from universities in Germany, namely Universität Bremen and RWTH-Aachen, who introduced their institutions and academic programmes.
In addition, we are deeply grateful that the following companies sent a representative and introduced their offers and training courses:
PWC (Price Waterhouse Cooper) discussed careers in the field of commerce, e.g. Chartered Accountant, Risk Management, Human Capital and Tax Services.
Pascal Supply introduced its Namibian Drone Academy to the students. Visual material and real examples of drones and different cameras made this a very interesting presentation.
The Swakopmund Dome Academies offer various internships for students, who will soon finish school but are not sure yet which career path to follow. An accredited gap year might assist them to make up their mind.
Ms C. Beukes introduced the career of Clinical Psychologist. Her presentation was very popular amongst the students and attracted large numbers.
Mr Vollmar from the WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature) showed some beautiful videos while talking about job opportunities in Nature Conservation.
The FNCC (Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre) acquainted the students with career options in languages in general. Alice Jacot from Campus France presented this session.
Ms Monique Schulte from the BioMedical Emporium introduced Somatology, the scientific study of the body with a particular focus on health and skin care. She also displayed and demonstrated skincare products, specifically developed in South Africa. These sessions also attracted many students and they took along an important lesson: One needs to care for the whole body and live one’s life in a holistic way.
E-Med Rescue 24 Namibia sent a Paramedic in full uniform to explain the exciting careers within the field of Paramedic Services. Through her presentation, it became obvious that there is a definite need for First Aid knowledge amongst the DHPS students. It is envisaged to offer relevant E-Med Rescue courses at the school in the near future.
The presentation of Andrea Dalle Ave, aka the Italian Stallion, from South Africa drew a big audience to the aula. He is a Paralympic medalist and represented Aspire Atlantic, a USA University Sports Scholarship Agency. Aspire Atlantic assists talented sportsmen
and women with excellent academic records with bursaries to study at top universities in America.
We express our sincere gratitude to all presenters and companies, who supported us in guiding our learners towards a meaningful, attractive and challenging career choice.


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