Big Walk: Projects for the primary school

It is barely impossible to imagine the DHPS school year without the DHPS Big Walk: In addition to joint fun, the walk itself, the adventures in the Namibian bush and the great Teamwork, the Big Walk is one of the school´s most important fundraisers. Thanks to the support of many sponsors, parents, staff members and friends the event has always been a success and many projects of the DHPS primary section have been realized.

Here are some examples from the last years:
  • 2023: Improvements Primary school grounds (Gr. 3-6), purchase of additional seating, installation of shade nets
  • 2022: Purchase of ping-pong tables, Grade 4 trees have been planted
  • 2021: Improvements Kreutzberger Building (Gr. 1-2), installation of shade nets, purchase of additional seating
  • 2018: Installation of whiteboards and projectors in all grade 1 and 2 class rooms
  • 2015-17: Improvement and extension of jungle gyms on Kreutzberger and primary school grounds, purchase of book boxes for grades 1-4


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