Astronomy project: Stargazing weekend

The stargazing weekend (Südsternfreunde-Treffen) from 23-25 June 2017 was a beautiful experience that my friends and I enjoyed greatly.
It seemed to go by fast but I enjoyed every moment: From stargazing on Friday evening, to the lecture on Saturday morning, back to stargazing on Saturday evening again, I was completely in awe - also because of the people I came into contact with, the professional and amateur stargazers, astronomers and/or astrophysicists, they spoke with a dialect of passion, knowledge and enthusiasm.

A fun advantage of Gross Barmen, the location of the stargazing event, were the swimming pool, steam room, Jacuzzi and sauna area. When we weren't learning about the objects in the sky Ndinelago, Refilwe, Sajida and I spent our time at the above mentioned areas.

I would like to thank the organizers of the event Hr Scheffel, for providing us this opportunity to attend the stargazing weekend and for keeping us in contact with the organisers, and Mr & Mrs Ostus, who were stepping in at the last minute to provide supervision. A special thanks also goes to my mother; for helping us during the weekend with our camping, and for joining & enjoying the weekend with us.

It was a memorable weekend, which I hope to attend next year as well.

(Amanda Rosemary Kakia)

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