A wonderful donation from CLaSH

On Wednesday, 07 April, Ms Heide Beinhauer, Executive Director of CLaSH (Association for Children with Language, Speech and Hearing Impairments of Namibia) visited the Diagnostic and Support Centre of our school to hand over school books, exercise books and games of historical and educational value. The cooperation between CLaSH or Ms Beinhauer and the DHPS has existed for many years and has always been very constructive and successful for the benefit of many hearing-impaired learners and in the area of language support.

On the occasion of the handover, Ms Beinhauer said: "In recognition and appreciation of your work at the DHPS Support Centre, which we have seen grow and flourish over the years, we are very pleased to pass on the German-language literature on hearing and speech impairment education."

The DHPS Diagnostic and Support Centre extends its heartfelt thanks to CLaSH and Heide Beinhauer for this treasure trove of books and teaching materials.

(Article: Immeke Schmidt von Koenen, DHPS)


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