A sizzling, fun-filled holiday with a fire theme

A combination of adventure, education and fun in a unique and exciting holiday programme during the October holidays at the DHPS Child & Youth Centre:
The Participants were fired up for a mini Fire course. To understand fire better, one needs to know the science behind it - so into the chemistry lab they went. They learned about fire safety, understood the different types of fire and experienced an exclusive visit to the Windhoek fire station head quarters to get up close and personal with the brave heroes who fight fires every day.
The ability to lend a helping hand is just as important as fighting fires and thanks to Martin and Lasse (Johanniter Hilfswerk) they learned how to offer first aid.
Knowledge is power and knowing how to help is a skill that can be invaluable in an emergency. Overall, they celebrated the completion of the course by enjoying homemade ice cream and taking home their own crafted firefighter kits.


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