120 years DHPS Boarding School

In 1902, a so-called Pensionat (boarding house) was established for 5 farm children who attended school in Windhoek. Soon this boarding school of the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) had become an integral part of the capital city. It was 7 years older than the school itself and was only affiliated to it in 1909.

In its peak around 1980, 450 children were accommodated in six buildings. Today, there are 65 boarders housed in the Bredowhaus and Zingelhaus on the sprawling DHPS campus in the heart of Windhoek. Much has changed over the years: Buildings have been added, converted into classrooms or had to make way for the construction of one of Windhoek’s main roads. "Living together in the boarding school today is also very different than it used to be", says educator Almuth Schwarting. She has not only stayed at the DHPS boarding school as a pupil, but has been part of the team, which consists of the Head of Boarding school, four educators and interns, for more than 30 years. Whereas in the past boarders only went home for the holidays, today, only a few stay at the boarding school on weekends. This also shapes boarding school life and the joint activities, which today have to be planned far in advance to organise time together outside the school week. The children are cared for in a sensitive style of upbringing and their needs, worries or joys are dealt with much more individually.
Cohesion, respect, friendship, independence, tolerance, responsibility and discipline - this is what all boarders value and the time spent together shapes them.
“Our boarders are very special”, says the head of the boarding school, Ulrike Behring. “During their time at the hostel, they become authentic personalities with strong characters, well equipped to master their path in life. It is a privilege to accompany them through their school years.”

In 2022, the DHPS boarding school celebrates its 120th anniversary. The boarding school offers learners from Namibia and abroad the opportunity to attend DHPS, giving them access to various internationally recognised school qualifications.

As part of the celebrations, information events will be held in Otjiwarongo and Swakopmund on 3 October 2022.


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