A colourful journey through our kindergarten

In line with the theme of the year: “A Journey Around the World", employees of the DHPS kindergarten have decided to organise a journey through the kindergarten, so that the children can become even more acquainted with it, experience it and change it.
The various groups used the time during the holiday programme to decorate their own rooms, take a closer look at the rest of the kindergarten and to decide what could be changed.

And that is what they did! Some educators, the language promotion intern and diligent children decided to repaint the sleeping room of the "Räuberhöhle". They first covered the floors with newspapers, then mixed the paint and finally started. For three days, there was diligent painting and at the end of the week a new, beautiful sleeping room shone in new splendour. The astonished children wondered: “What happened to the dark yellow?” It was replaced by a bright, friendly blue and only the light yellow on the other walls remained. The children are now eagerly looking forward to the new sleeping experience in this room.

The children of the O3 groups took a closer look at the groups: The three and four-year-olds had play and crafting sessions with the four and five-year-olds.

The U3 groups danced and sang together in the morning circle. They also took the opportunity to decorate their rooms and bathroom with windmills or fish. The other groups painted the windows that now create a wealth of colours as the sunrays penetrate the room.

The children enjoyed a great journey through the kindergarten, with new, different experiences and their own individual changes.

(Report: Marie Szeszka, DHPS-Kindergarten)


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