“Once upon a time there was..., or was there not?”

DHPS Primary School presents a special fairy tale

Writing your own theater play, letting your imagination run wild and putting your ideas into a script? For the theatre extra-mural of the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule (DHPS) primary school, under Carina Schumacher, this was no problem as they demonstrated in their fairy tale performance “Once upon a time there was..., or was there not?” on Thursday, 9 November 2017.

Numerous spectators at the DHPS auditorium were carried away to fairyland by grade 4-6 learners - and yet it was quite different from what they had expected:
Actually Bad-Luck-Marie was supposed to only shake up the duvets. And then it happened: The storybook fell to the ground and confused the entire world of fairy tales:
The princess found a boot instead of the pea under her mattress, Puss in boots had to compromise with a glass shoe; Little Red Riding Hood's wolf discovered his vegetarian preferences and Gretel madly fell in love with the prince.

“Life is full of surprises - some are good, some are bad. You cannot plan everything, can you? According to Mother Hulda, everyone is happier in the end. What would life be without changes?” a surprisingly hardworking Bad-Luck-Marie thinks, when passing her unlucky streak on to Rumpelstiltskin.

Although our popular stories were turned upside down by these and other changes, all agreed in the end: Despite the fairy tale chaos, change always effects something good, particularly when recited in such funny, humorous and charming way by quick-witted young actors.

Great costumes, professional make-up and an authentic stage setting were created with the help of dedicated parents, which emphasized the learners’ great performance and a specially written play.

Photos: © Christine Drayer and Ulla Rohrmüller - A big thank you!


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