Model United Nations Namibia (MUN Namibia)

On 1 and 2 November 2023, the annual "Model United Nations Conference" took place in the UN building in Windhoek. Jada Tati, Amy Bock, Frederic von der Wense, Tavio Felix, Rosalie Lägel and I (Lukas Neuhaus), all grade 11 learners, took part and represented the DHPS.
The Model United Nations Conference provides a unique opportunity for learners to delve into the realm of politics and connect with like-minded peers from various schools across Namibia who share an interest in political affairs. This year's conference centred around the pressing issues of pandemics and chronic diseases, exploring strategies to prevent and improve national health systems to address these challenges.
Simulating the structure of the United Nations, the Model United Nations Conference simulated the "General Assembly." The conference began with insightful speeches from personalities, such as the UN Coordinator for Namibia, the British High Commissioner, the Minister of Education and other prominent figures in Namibian politics. Participants were assigned specific countries and paired with randomly selected partners.
For instance, Jada represented Egypt, Tavio South Korea, Rosalie Canada, Amy the USA, Frederic Austria, and Lukas Russia.
The aim of the conference was to adopt a resolution at the end that would best tackle the issues of the pandemic and diseases described above. Three resolutions, including the one drafted by my partner and me representing Russia, were successfully adopted.
Finally, a committee voted on the awarding of prizes in categories such as 'best school', 'best speaker', 'best delegate', 'best delegation'.
Overall, our school, DHPS, achieved the second position in this assembly of high-ranking 'politicians'.
My partner and I (Russia) were honoured as the best delegation, while Jada was awarded third place with her adept representation of Egypt. Attending this conference was a rewarding experience that significantly influenced my view on politics and my future aspirations.
I would recommend anyone with an interest in diplomacy and politics to join next year, as this encounter not only provides valuable insights for academic pursuits but also offers a fascinating glimpse into the workings of a General Assembly.

(Lukas Neuhaus)


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