Little Artists: DHPS kindergarten holiday programme

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”.
Pablo Picasso

During the August holidays, everything in the DHPS kindergarten revolved around art:
We started our creative journey with texture art. We used various materials, such as plaster, sand and acrylic paint and created impressive 3-D artwork. The variety of textures stimulated our senses and awakened our artistic urge to explore.
Next, we ventured into painting with strings and experimented with different brush variations. This challenge encouraged the children's fine motor skills.
Other highlights were making picture frames and the batik technique. We also went on a short field trip around the nursery and pre-school grounds to collect leaves. The product was a leave relief with charcoal and oil pastels.
A particularly exciting experience was making homemade finger paints following a simple recipe.
Overall, the holiday programme was a great success. Besides developing their artistic skills, the children also had fun experimenting and creating. We are proud of the artwork they created and look forward to more creative sessions together.

(Article: Claudia Schnaitmann, DHPS kindergarten educator)


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