Grade 1s 2020 - First Day at DHPS

As always, there was a special hustle and bustle on the campus of the DHPS on the Wednesday after the end of the holidays, since this is the very special start for the first graders each year.
75 grade 1 learners started their life as a pupil and their school career during a ceremony on 22 January 2020.

Excited and with huge school cones in their arms, the new learners flocked to the DHPS auditorium with their parents, grandparents, siblings and godparents, who were certainly just as excited. With eager anticipation, they all followed the programme, which in 2020 resembled the spirit of the rainbow.

After the head of the DHPS primary section, Ms Conni Hecht, had welcomed the little guests of honour and their fami-lies, she told them the story of the “Festival of Colours”: Regardless of the individual characteristics of a person, every-one belongs and grows in this society, this festival of colours, without which a rainbow would not be a rainbow.

The devotional service with Pastor André Graf and Fanny Schwenk, youth deacon of the German Lutheran Church (DELK), also broached the topic of the rainbow and invited the parents and the children to sing along.

Of course, this year again, the second graders, who are now “old stagers” at the DHPS, have prepared a surprise for their successors: Affectionately, they explained the alphabet and sang a great welcome song for the newcomers.

Following the tradition, the youngest were then picked up by the oldest DHPS learners and taken by their hand to em-bark on their new adventure - and holding the hand of a twelve grader definitely eased the first graders’ way to the Kreutzberger building.

We wish our grade 1 learners a great first day at school, exciting moments in the classroom, friendly classmates and an inquisitive and interesting year at school in 2020 - great to have you here!


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