German International Abitur (DIA) award ceremony at DHPS

For 36 pupils of the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS), the doors to the wide world are now literally open: On 28 October 2022, they received their German International Abitur (DIA) certificates in a ceremonial setting.

And again, the achievements and results were impressive. This year's Abitur learners stood out for their great social commitment, sporting (including extracurricular) achievements and musical talents, but above all, they excelled academically with an overall grade point average of 2.18, with two learners achieving an outstanding 1.0 and 14 with a 1 in front of the decimal point.

The graduation ceremony was equally captivating with a varied programme of musical, personal and appreciative contributions from the teachers, learners and the school management. "Rest assured that you have a lot to offer with your bilingual graduation certificates in your pockets. You have proven that you can achieve more than the average," affirmed DHPS Principal Kristin Eichholz in her address to the graduating class of 2022. "You can convince new people of your maturity, your talents, your enthusiasm, you can travel and see new countries. You will have many opportunities to make a first impression, and lots of challenges, new friendships and wider horizons await you."

With its sound, internationally oriented and comprehensive curriculum of languages, sciences, mathematics and arts, the German International Abitur paves the way for learners to enter the best universities and countless career opportunities worldwide. The DIA equips learners with skills of learning, networking and reflective thinking that are unique in school-based education and central to the bilingual DIA programme at German schools abroad such as DHPS.

We wish our Abitur graduates of 2022 all the best for their future endeavours and every success in exploring new horizons - we are very proud of you.

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