DHPS welcomes new Principal

The first day of school at Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) was not only very special for the first-graders, but also for Jörg Przybilla, the newly appointed principal of Namibia's only German school abroad.
29 January 2024 marked Mr Pryzbilla’s first day at school - and he even received a school cone from his school management colleagues.

Jörg Przybilla, who was a member of the school management team at a vocational school in Freiburg until January 2024, is not entirely new to Windhoek and the school system abroad: He previously served as a seconded teacher at the German School Pretoria for eight years, and already acquired insights into DHPS through further training and inter-school projects.

Addressing the opening assembly for grade 5–12 learners, he extended a warm welcome to both learners and staff for the new school year and emphasised that he would probably "learn almost more from the learners at the moment than they would learn from him”.

With their new principal on board, the school community is grateful that the school is now complete and wishes him a successful start at DHPS and in Namibia.

A warm welcome, Mr Przybilla!


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