DHPS Theatre Group presents “Ms Müller must go!”

Classroom of the 9b, on an evening during the week, sometime before 22 o’clock, because then all get thrown out by the janitor. Five parents have gathered to save their fosterlings’ school career: The class is getting out of hand and the only person to blame is Ms Müller, the class teacher. Now the time has come for the dedicated (and also slightly choleric, elitist and over-protective) parents to take action.

This is the scene of the comedy “Ms Müller must go", which was passionately and fervently performed by Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) theatre group on 22 November 2017.

The parents’ representative and self-proclaimed spokesperson Jessica Höfel (performed by Zia Majewski) is a willing victim to convey the bad news to the intolerable teacher Ms Müller (Naledi Haufiku) and of course all attending parents pipe up. However, Ms Müller turns out to be an engaged educator, who robs the parents of their illusions about their protégés and also the audience is granted an insight into the classroom of the 9b, in which class clown Lukas, bullying-victim Fritz, the doll-like Laura and problem-child Adelheid get out of hand. Obviously, afterwards the parents’ nerves are in tatters, accusations whizz about the room and Ms Müller rushes out.

When the parents then discover the seemingly good marks of their children, it’s a whole new ballgame: Ms Müller must stay!

In convincingly performed double roles, the actors of the DHPS theatre group provoked hearty laughter in a truly socio-critical play. Grade 10 and 11 learners and theatre teacher Andreas Robisch have tailored the script to suit the Namibian concept, taking aim at the microcosm “parents’ evening”: over-protective parents from Munich, who miss their German bakery, the farmer with an aggressive attitude and the deeply relaxed father Johannes Demaneteni (Dante Ilovu), who ends the spectacle on a light-hearted note: “What a waste of time!”


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