DHPS Reading Competition

Reading is like a holiday by the sea:
It stops time.
Makes dreams come true.
Lets the soul breathe.
Blows magic into life.

On Wednesday, 12 July 2023, our learners from grades 3 to 6 had the pleasure of briefly escaping the winter cold and immersing themselves in the summer world of sea and beach at the annual reading competition. Lazing on the beach, reading a book - what more could you want?

The selected readers of group A (grades 3 and 4) and group B (grades 5 and 6) made themselves comfortable in a beach chair under a parasol and read an unprepared text about beach and sea stories to the jury.
Members of the jury were Ms Dörte Witte (author and teacher from Swakopmund), Ms Immeke Schmidt von Koenen (teacher at DHPS) and Ms Kerstin Trusch (teacher at DHPS). The judges listened attentively to the beach and sea stories and awarded points for reading speed, intonation, articulation and comprehension.

The winner of Group A, Joshua Cowley, and the winner of Group B, Mikko Olivier, will represent DHPS at the "Horst Kreft Reading Festival" on 30 September 2023 in the DHPS auditorium.

We congratulate them sincerely and keep our fingers crossed for them!

To all readers of the DHPS internal reading competition, we wish you continued joy in reading. We are proud of you.

(Report: Nadia Roxin, DHPS)


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