DHPS H2rObotics-Team achieves success

MATE ROV (Marine Advanced Technology Education - Remote Operated Vehicle) is a globally held annual competition for schools and universities, aimed at connecting scientific experimentation with entrepreneurship.

The DHPS H2rObotics team embarked on this journey in 2023 as the sole participating African school, alongside two schools from Egypt. The team encountered several challenges they hadn’t anticipated, including issues related to import and customs, delivery times, local component availability, and non-functional 3D printers.

Currently, our DHPS MATE team has successfully subjected the housing to an initial waterproofing test, and the motors have completed their first successful trial run. The next steps involve connecting both components and constructing a frame that not only protects the housing but also controls buoyancy.

Unfortunately, the DHPS team won’t be able to complete the machine in time for this year’s competition. While this is naturally disappointing, according to extra-mural supervisor Dr Joachim Prinz, it’s a common experience for first-year participants.

We would like to express our heartfelt thank you to the DHPS Alumni Association for their generous donation and support.

If you wourl like to support the DHPS H2rObitics team as well, feel free to reach out to j.prinz@dhps-windhoek.com.

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