Theater “Oh Ballade”!

Modern, musical and mesmerizing Theater “Oh Ballade”! celebrated its Premiere

Right from the beginning, the audience was aware that this was a very special ballade staging:
At the opening night of this year’s DHPS theater production on Thursday, 21 July 2016 at the school auditorium, visitors were surprised about the actors’ free, modern, musical, dancing, gripping interpretations and performances of African and German, old and contemporary ballads.
“Nowadays no-one talks like that anymore!” - DHPS- theater instructors, Andreas Robisch, Antje Stein and Jörg Rapp, were frequently faced with this phrase during the first rehearsals and while selecting the ballads. Soon they decided to offer the learners the opportunity to modify the pieces so that the play could be embedded into current context. The outcome was impressive - in ‘Spielmannssohn’, a rockstar offends the president, by flirting with his daughter, the ‘African Lions’ spectacularly come to life, in ‘Totentanz’, zombies wear themselves out to the sounds of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and the ‘Zauberlehrling’ shines in the blacklight of drug ecstasy.
In addition to great acting performance, the DHPS learners’ dancing- and vocal talents took centre stage, earned great applause and left the audience spellbound.
As Goethe said, ballads are somehow mysterious without being mystical and mystery only arises from
recital style - this was mastered successfully and staged touchingly by our learners.
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