“The Good Person of Szechwan”

Successful Theater Performance at the DHPS

A cool, a cute and a very proper god are in search of a good man on earth, because “since 2000 years there is an outcry, that the world cannot continue the way it is". Although Brecht’s “The Good Person of Szechwan” already has a few years on the hump, last weekend the DHPS theater group has brilliantly mastered the demanding task to also address timeless problems of the modern world. With a lot of talent, wit and attention to detail, the actors of Grades 7-12 have revived this old classic.
The audience was not only wowed by the acting performance of the DHPS learners, but also by fine intricacies of the costumes, the stage design, technical demand and make-up, which all was an indication of the timelessness of the play and the creativity of the theater group. Or would you have associated hip hop artist Jan Delay’s song “Oh Johnny” with Bertolt Brecht?
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