Enthralling DHPS Musical “The Secret Life of Pirates”

An encrypted message in the bottle promises the pirates on board of the “Esmeralda” fame, wealth and above all a welcome distraction from their boredom - for months they have not captured a ship - let alone seen one!
Thus, the 60-member crew sets out to find the hidden treasure. Besides having to face lurking dangers, they also have to solve quizzes and musical tasks.
Thanks to everyone’s individual strengths, they manage to overcome the hurdles: they lull crocodiles to sleep and the amiable pirates reveal their strengths and weaknesses - from wooden legs to pointless eye patches, passion for dancing and fear of the dark.
Together they make it to the mysterious island called “3-2-1”, where they not only find gold, but also the courage to be themselves.

All participating Grade 3-6 learners of the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS), slipped into the role of pirates and contributed to this success with their performance, singing, instrumental accompaniment in the pirate band or as stage-builders.
In a virtually professional way and almost flawless, the “pirates” allowed an insight into their secret life. On 20 and 21 September 2016 every seat was taken in the DHPS auditorium and the audience was completely thrilled by the wit and talent, the great stage setting and a truly successful musical.
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