Small but fun Judo Easter Tournament

13 judokas from the mixed orange belt group took part in this year's DHPS Easter tournament on 12 April.

With the help of the assistant coaches Björn Metzger, Ricardo von Flotow and Fhulufhelo Ramphaga as well as the coaches Stompie, Claudia and Sylvia, we organized a harmonious tournament.

For fun and to loosen up the tournament, we spontaneously organised team competitions in floor and standing fights. The judoka enthusiastically cheered for their fighters.

The tournament was above all characterised by the disciplined, pleasant atmosphere. Among the spectators were several parents.

We thank DB SCHENKER for the spontaneous and effective support in transporting the mats between the schools.

The results

Up to 25 kg:
1. Enzo Wanousho (best technique)

Up to 30 kg:

1. Linus Stritter
2. Charlie Dürrschmidt
3. Tangeni Haufiku

Up to 35 kg:
1. Gero Friederich
2. Kevin Kröller

Up to 40 kg:

1. Leon van Heerden (UNAM)
2. Tobias Rannersmann

Up to 40 kg, girls:
1. Clara van Heerden
2. Jana Mutschler

Plus 40 kg, mixed:
1. Amelie Dürrschmidt
2. Tatiana Talmage
3. Julius Schmid

Winners of the team event:

- Linus Stritter
- Jana Mutschler
- Kevin Kröller
- Enzo Wanousho
- Leon van Heerden
- Julius Schmid


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