Orchestra Week of the German Schools in Southern Africa

If more than 120 young musicians and their teachers rehearse together for a week and let their musical skills run free, the outcome is certainly something to look forward to: The participants of the Orchestra Week of the German Schools in Southern Africa, which will take place from 03 - 09 March 2019 in Windhoek, are awaiting this event with excitement and expectation.

The Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) will be the organizer and venue of the biannual event this year and thanks to the support of the staff and the entire school community, preparations are already in full swing.

"Naturally, the intensive experience of the musicians' meeting among the different schools is always a kind of "training camp" for everyone and promotes musical talents very effectively", says DHPS principal, Kristin Eichholz. In addition to developing talent, the focus is also on encounter with the other participating schools.
"When making music together, it is not enough to be able to play one's role perfectly - it is important to listen to the details and subtleties of the other players and to enjoy the harmony created together. No matter whether you play the first violin or blow one of the horns, each individual instrument is essential for the overall result," confirms Katharina Kessel, head of the music department.
The DHPS and above all the teachers of the music department are particularly proud and happy that they were able to win Alexander Fokkens as conductor for the Orchestra Week of the German Schools in Southern Africa.
In 2017, the DHPS had the pleasure of welcoming the renowned South African conductor as part of an exclusive concert of the Namibian National Symphony Orchestra. In a witty and entertaining way, Alexander Fokkens got the young audi-ence off their chairs and into his spell.

The grand final concert of the Orchestra Week is scheduled for Friday, 08 March 2019 at 18.00. Music lovers can enjoy the musical performances of the orchestral musicians of the German Schools from Windhoek, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria.

The DHPS wishes all musicians, participants, guests and everyone involved a successful and harmonious time with many musical moments that leave a lasting impression
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