Opening Tournament - DHPS with new Judo mats

Finally - own judo mats! Especially the advanced judoka, who participate in the extramural activity since 2012 already, awaited the arrival of the mats with great anticipation.
During recent years, we used self-made, slippery mats. Fingers and toes often painfully got stuck between them. The new competition area further provides for another, entirely new dimension: From now on, we can also practice the ‘Kata'- discipline, which is a demonstration form in judo to achieve the competition level of the DJB (Deutscher Judo Bund).
Just in time for the first DHPS-Easter-tournament on 11 April 2017, the new tatmi (mats) were delivered from Germany.
In addition to the experienced fighters with colour-belts, judo-newcomers had the opportunity to participate in the competition. Even though they only knew one lumbar technique and a holding technique, they gained valuable experience.
The event attracted a record number of participants (about 50), as well as several spectators. The Dojo (judo hall) was frequented throughout. The judoka fought for medals and prizes for best techniques.
Despite the long and exhausting day, the team of judges, table referees, teamers, photographers and score keepers (Lotti, Ricardo, Oli, Yee Kee, Fhulu and Konstantin), bravely endured to the end. A great thank you for this!

This years technique awards went to:
- Keanu Jürgens (Seoi-nage - shoulder throw)
- Ivanhoe Beukes (O-soto-gari - foot throw)
- Björn Metzger (Yoko-otoshi - self-precipitation technique)


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