Movement, crafts and enthusiastic children: DHPS-Holiday programme 2017

In the DHPS kindergarten, pre-school and Child and Youth Centre there was a varied offer during the August holidays:

In the kindergarten, everything revolved around the topic of "movement”. There was no standstill - not even for the smallest children - with an activity offer ranging from egg-and-spoon races, paper-plate throwing to scooting around in the kids´ favourite wheelers.
With all the physical activity the demand for refreshments and snacks was of course very high. In the "Ritterburg" kitchen and bakery refreshing lemonade and delicious apple pies were concocted - surely the production and joint "cooking” was a highlight of its own.

In the pre-school crafting and room decoration were the focus of the holiday programme: Greeting cards and salt-dough ponies were crafted and the exterior was redesigned. Great hopping games, fence-characters and tyre-minions now decorate the pre-school.

Also at the Child and Youth Centre everything was about sporting activities this time: From soccer or hockey, yoga or juggling - for the kids it was just great to be in motion as a team.
A welcome change were excursions to the Goethe Institute, the botanical garden and the bowling field. It was particularly fascinating to see quiver trees live in town, to relax at the Goethe Institute during a reading session or contest in exciting bowling competitions.

Thank you to our enthusiastic children, committed educators and all who supported us with the excursions and projects. We look forward to our next DHPS holidays.


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