Information & daily updates about the Coronavirus

27 March 2020, 9h30
Dear School Community

According to the lock-down announced by the Namibian Government due to the present circumstances on the corona pandemic in Namibia (as of 27/03/20) the DHPS campus remains closed. We are planning to reopen the campus on the 16 April 2020.

School continues with distance learning in grades 1-12 on Monday, 30 March 2020.
The kindergarten, pre-school, language support and Child & Youth Centre are in contact with the children and support them with distance learning programmes.

Our employees are available via email.
Thank you for your understanding and your support during these challenging times.

Yours sincerely,

School Management & School Board of the Deutsche Schulverein Windhoek (1949)

Due to the DHPS being closed, please arrange an appointment with the department management if you have any questions or urgent matters - find contact details here.

Following various reports concerning the spread of the coronavirus and the latest developments in Europe, we herewith would like to inform you about the measures taken at DHPS to prevent the virus from spreading.

The following measures are recommended to prevent infection or further spread of the disease.
  • do not shake hands when greeting or saying goodbye, avoid any other way of touching hands
  • maintain good personal hygiene, especially regular and proper hand washing

We ask all parents to see a doctor immediately with their children at the first signs of coronavirus disease and under no circumstances bring their children to school. We are in contact with the responsible authorities and will inform you immediately, if any further action is required. So far, however, there is no cause for concern in Namibia. We therefore ask all parents to remain calm.

Further information by the Federal Foreign Office, the Ministry of Health and Social Services and the German government is available under the following links:

Daily updates:

  • Due to the Namibian national lock-down starting on 28/03/2020 the school will remain closed. Distance learning for grades 1-12 starts on Monday, 30 March 2020. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Due to the general school closure in Namibia, ordered by the Ministry of Education and Health on 15/03/2020, the holiday programme of the DHPS Kindergarten, Pre-school and Child & Youth Centre (which was scheduled to start on Monday, 16.03.2020) has been cancelled. We ask all parents for their understanding regarding this short notice. We will in this case refund the fees already paid.
  • School management, administration and school board are in close contact with Namibian and German authorities. Measurements for the case of an alteration in the situation will be coordinated. The administration ordered additional products for disinfection in rest rooms and in the entrance areas, to improve the individual hygiene.


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