Careers Day 2018: Career Prospects at DHPS

On 28 September 2018, this year's Careers Day was held at the DHPS.

After the learners received information in lectures by Prof. Marianne Zappen-Thomson of University of Namibia (UNAM), DAAD representatives in Namibia, Kerstin Sokolowski of the Employment Agency in Wilhelmshaven and DHPS teachers about study and vocational training opportunities in Namibia, Germany and South Africa, they took part in the afternoon workshops with experts from the fields of economics, finance, accounting, IT, psychology, medicine and health, architecture, law, handicrafts, tourism and hospitality. Also Air Namibia's flight crew gave insights into the professional reality of young people's dream career.

In her motivational speech during the opening session, Vinicia Cloete, Admitted Legal Practitioner at the High Court of Namibia, stressed the need of dreams and visions in the career choice and development. We are grateful that on Friday afternoon more than 20 experts attended this event at the DHPS.

Anyone who believed that on this special school day the learners would impatiently yearn for the beginning of the weekend was mistaken. Even half an hour after the end of the Careers Day, some were still standing with the experts who readily answered all the questions and handed out their business cards. We sincerely thank you for your valued support!

(Report: Carsten Gramann, DHPS Career and Study Consultant)

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