An Exciting Holiday Programme with "Black Hawk”

Accompanied by Anne and Philipp, 56 DHPS learners embarked on a journey through time to visit "Black Hawk", the son of the Lakota chief at the beginning of the 18th century. Reading the story of Anne and Philipp, the children immersed themselves in an exciting adventure, accentuated by their own life experiences: The first item on their programme was to construct a teepee. At the end of the day, 7 colourful tepees brightened up the playground - each with its own inhabitants who had a lot of fun playing. Dressed up with feathered head decorations and a batik T-shirt, they all eventually arrived in the vast prairie of North America.

A special highlight of this holiday experience was the archery trip to "Archer’s Land". After the introduction and a few test arrows, the challenge was to master the 9 targets on the field.
And the most important thing for an adventure? A treasure hunt on Farm Windhoek and craft workshops to create leather decorations, drums, compass and sundial.

The children even prepared their own lunch, but first they had to compete for the ingredients. The reward for each game was a labelled food can and finally they received the recipe. The 4 groups prepared their own food in a potjie over the fire. They finished their delicious "Chili con Carne" in the twinkling of an eye.

This holiday adventure was great fun for all educators and kids and will certainly be repeated at some stage. Thank you for the great community and discipline, which made this event a huge success. But - you have to be part of an adventure to talk about it. Therefore, we hope, that next time again, many interested and curious children will join us in their holidays.

(Report: Lars Pickhardt)


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