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We will provide you here shortly with detailed information on our distance learning offer, FAQs and the measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Please have a look at our info page about the corona-virus, in the meantime.

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Distance learning info

While the DHPS campus is temporarily closed, the learning continues!

Please have a look at the following pages with detailed information specific to the Primary, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary School and some great stories of how distance learning is progressing in the DHPS school community.

Distance learning info: Pre-primary section

Following the closure of the school and in order to curb the spread of the corona pandemic, the DHPS kindergarten, pre-school and language support unit are currently also offering distance learning.

In these very special times, we would like to suggest some ideas for the period when the school is closed so that your children can be engaged in activities according to their level of development.

In the DHPS kindergarten and the pre-school, we attach great importance to the optimal development of your child. Therefore, we are sending you materials and links so that your children will not forget us in the coming weeks, and we hope to inspire you with some ideas on how to learn in a playful way.
Here you can find tips, materials, information, suggestions for reading and singing with our little ones:
Your contact person(s)
Kathrin Lehnardt

Kathrin Lehnardt

Kindergartenleitung - Head of Kindergarten

Tel: +264 (0)61 373 106

Jenni Mühr

Jenni Mühr

Vorschulleitung - Head of Pre-school

Tel: +264 (0)61 373 144

David Manthey

David Manthey

Koordination Sprachförderung - Language Support Coordinator

Your contact person(s)
Conni Hecht

Conni Hecht

Leitung der Klassen 1-4 - Head of grades 1-4

Tel: +264 (0)61 373 139

Your contact person(s)
Carola  von Blottnitz

Carola von Blottnitz

Leitung: Englischsprachige Mittelstufe - Head: English Junior Secondary Section

Tel: +264 (0)61 373 137

Dr. Joachim Prinz

Dr. Joachim Prinz

Leitung: deutschsprachige Mittelstufe - Head: German Junior Secondary Section

Tel: +264 (0)61 373 123

In grades 10-12, classes have been offered online since 30 March 2020, allowing learners to continue their learning under the virtual supervision of their teachers.
The sudden change from face-to-face to distance learning was certainly not always easy for learners and teachers, but thanks to close communication, high motivation and the great support of the entire school community, the distance learning experience can certainly be called a success.

  • Each learner has a DHPS e-mail account.
  • The teachers are in close contact with their learners and offer lessons and assignments in Google Classroom, via ZOOM video conferencing and similar virtual communication platforms.
  • Special links, audio files or online learning platforms enable detailed coverage of a topic.

Documentation and assignments:

  • Our teachers develop comprehensive course material for a better understanding of the topic.
  • Learners document their work and tasks in writing and return them (if possible) via Google Classroom to the respective teacher.
  • Self-assessment: Creation of multiple-choice self-tests and research on the Internet on various topics.
  • Innovative teaching and learning: Learners develop more creative outcomes, e.g. they conduct experiments at home and document them through selfies and videos.
  • Online experiments of the teacher with corresponding evaluations.
Your contact person(s)
Xenia Pieterse

Xenia Pieterse

NSSC & Cambridge - Koordinatorin / Coordinator

Tel: +264 (0)61 373 133

Due to school closures and in order to curb the spread of the corona pandemic, the DHPS Child & Youth Centre (KiJuZe) is also currently switching to programmes, leisure ideas and competitions that are offered at a distance.

The staff and educators of the Child & Youth Centre have weekly offers for our grade 1 - 10 learners which include suggestions for leisure activities, video greetings and activities in a drop box.

The Helpline for homework and task-related help is another great offer for the learners of the Child & Youth Centre.

The educators and staff members of the Child & Youth Centre are there for you, looking forward to your call and will help you with your homework or other school tasks - even from a distance!

Here you can gain an insight, find materials, information and ideas of the Child & Youth Centre:

We understand that at this time there are many questions as we navigate this new experience together, but we are here for you!
Each learner has his or her individual strengths and weaknesses. In order to give our learners answers to their questions from a distance and help them with their homework, we offer remote homework help service.

  • There are teachers and educators who are available by telephone on weekdays at fixed times and for specific subject areas to answer the learners’ questions. Especially learners in grades 1-7 make use of this offer.
    Please find contact persons and numbers to support our learners here.

  • The secondary classes are in close contact with their subject and class teachers and receive direct answers to their queries.
  • Our DHPS Child & Youth Centre also offers a helpline to support with homework and other tasks. Please find further information here.

The current exceptional situation has been presenting us with very special challenges for some weeks now. We are all asked to stay at home if possible; schools and kindergartens are closed, as are sports clubs. Many families spend almost the entire day together, sometimes in very confined spaces, and the usual routine is broken.

You as parents may be employees, at the same time you assist your children with their schoolwork. In addition, there are conflicting reports and forecasts and worries about the financial future.
Uncertainty, stress and increased quarrelling can occur in this situation.

The following links will give you information about what you can do for yourself and your family during this time.

Links for tips and activities:

Talk to us!

Individual telephone consultations are offered: Contact Hannah Reusch via email at h.reusch@dhps-windhoek.com or weekdays from 13.00 - 17.00 o'clock by WhatsApp at 081-2967178.
Your contact person(s)
Do you have any questions, need advice or further information on admissions, technical procedures for distance learning or would like to speak to our staff members?

Please contact any of our staff below with questions you may have.

  • DHPS Principal:
Principal Kristin Eichholz: schulleitung@dhps-windhoek.com
Vice Principal Carsten Osthus: c.osthus@dhps-windhoek.com
Tel: 061 – 373 122

  • Primary School Secretary, Kreutzberger building - grades 1-4:
Yvonne Müller: grundstufe@dhps-windhoek.com
Tel: 061 – 373 139

  • High School Secretary, main campus - grades 5-12:
Elke Jensen: schulleitung@dhps-windhoek.com
Tel: 061 – 373 122

  • Kindergarten & Pre-school Secretary:
Siggi Aufgebauer: s.aufgebauer@dhps-windhoek.com
Tel: 061 – 373 103

  • DHPS Child & Youth Centre:
Lars Pickhardt: l.pickhardt@dhps-windhoek.com
Tel: 061 – 373 108

  • DHPS Boarding School:
Ulrike Behring: u.behring@dhps-windhoek.com
Tel: 061 – 373 102

  • Working group: Distance learning:
Jochen Temmen: j.temmen@dhps-windhoek.com

  • IT Support & Google Classroom:
Wilhelm Du Plessis & Llewellyn Dunn: tech@dhps-windhoek.com
Tel: 061 – 373 136

  • Admissions & Info:
Bianca Aring: registration@dhps-windhoek.com
Tel: 061 – 373 145

  • School fees, finances & Corona fund:
Karin Feiersinger: k.feiersinger@dhps-windhoek.com
Tel: 061 – 373 110

  • Psychological support:
Hannah Reusch: h.reusch@dhps-windhoek.com
Tel: 061 373 122

  • Web content, Social Media & Fundraising:
Tina Crüys: event@dhps-windhoek.com
Tel: 061 – 373 140

Unfortunately, DHPS will remain closed for the time being. We can hardly wait to welcome our learners back to the school grounds.

We will of course immediately inform you about a return to normality or partial or complete reopening of the school.
The school has been offering distance learning since 30 March 2020.

Learners in grades 1-4 receive personal video and WhatsApp messages to keep in touch with their teachers, as well as teaching materials by e-mail or as printed copies for pickup. See Distance learning primary section for more information.

Learners in grades 5-12 are also in constant contact with their teachers. Online lessons are provided through Google Classroom, video conferencing and online services.
For more information, see Distance learning in the junior secondary section and Distance learning in the senior secondary section.

The DHPS departments Child & Youth Centre, Kindergarten, Pre-School and Boarding School also offer educational and leisure activities at a distance. Further details are available on the pages of the individual departments.
The DHPS is currently also focusing on making the school and all its departments “ COVID-compliant”, in order to ensure the highest possible level of safety for both learners and staff.

The following measures have been implemented on the DHPS campus:

  • Masks are compulsory on the DHPS campus
  • Thermometers for non-contact temperature screening
  • Pedal operated hand disinfection stations
  • Notice boards and posters to remind or explain the various hygiene and safety measures
  • One-way system in the corridors between the classrooms to ensure efficient physical distancing for learners
  • The classes and courses will probably be divided into smaller groups for teaching purposes
  • Disinfectants are available in all classrooms, bathrooms and offices
Although we would of course prefer to meet you personally, we now look forward to welcoming you to the virtual registration platform of DHPS Windhoek.

Therefore, we have compiled important information about our school on these pages. Here, you find a virtual campus tour, all forms and information, as well as the right contact persons.

We look forward to your visit!
Please note that for the time being only orders via the DHPS online shop are possible.

After we have received your order, you will be informed by e-mail when you can come to pick it up. Please ensure that only one person collects the items, which can be tried on at home and exchanged or returned within 30 days.

Please adhere to the hygiene measures in place at the DHPS campus.
Although our teachers, educators and staff are usually not on campus at the moment, they are of course still there for you from a distance.

We are happy to help you via e-mail - please find here all e-mail addresses of our colleagues.

Our administration department is back on the campus again. We look forward to your visit and getting in touch.
You want to borrow or return books or let yourself be inspired by new teaching materials or leisure reading?
With pleasure!

Our library team is looking forward to your visit and is available during the following opening hours:
  • Monday - Thursday: 07:00 – 15:00
  • Friday: 07:00 – 12:00
Please feel free to contact us in case you have any questions or for further information library@dhps-windhoek.com or tel. 061 373 101
Your contact person(s)
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